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An estimated 70 million Americans are descended from Confederate Veterans.  Preserve their memory and your Southern Heritage by joining the Sons of Confederate Veterans.

contact Dunn-Holt-Midkiff Camp 1441 Midland0Odessa, TX at 432-703-0438

Becoming an SCV Member

Application for membership in the Sons of Confederate Veterans is based upon identification and establishment of your relationship to your Confederate ancestor. You will need his name, unit, state of service, and information as to his honorable service (killed/wounded/captured/discharged). The more you know about your ancestor, the more likely you are to find his records and supporting information. You will very likely find the search is easier than you think, and it will be a most rewarding and moving personal experience.

The Texas Division is composed of over 100 individual chapters, called "Camps", which are located throughout the state. For information about the Camp nearest you, please click here.


Benefits of membership include participation in local, state, and national events, a membership certificate, and a subscription to Confederate Veteran magazine, published 6 times a year. Best of all, you'll be helping to preserve the honorable memory of the Confederate fighting man.

Application for membership is best accomplished through a local SCV Camp in your area. If you are not a resident of Texas, please contact the International SCV Headquarters for assistance. You may call toll free at 1-800-MY SOUTH.


We at  will assist with meeting the requirements for membership in the Sons of Confederate Veterans. Assistance with completeing the SCV application and ancestory research is available if the following basic requirements are met:  1.Be a male of at least 12 years of age. 2. Be a descendant either directly or collaterally of a Confederate veteran. If you are interested in joining us, please contact one of the officers listed on the Home page.

Who Can Join?


Membership in the Sons of Confederate Veterans is open to all male descendants of any veteran who served honorably in the Confederate armed forces. Membership can be obtained through either lineal or collateral family lines and kinship to a veteran must be documented genealogically. The minimum age for full membership is 12, but there is no minimum for Cadet membership.

Applicants should submit an application form, along with a detailed genealogy describing your relationship to the veteran, and proof of his service.

To obtain proof of his service, contact the archives of the state from which the soldier fought and obtain a copy of the veteran's military service record. All Southern state's archives have microfilm records of the soldiers who fought from that state, and a copy of the information can be obtained for a nominal fee. In addition, the former Confederate states awarded pensions to veterans and their widows. All of these records contain a wealth of information that can be used to document military service.

Please note that finding someone listed in the Broadfoot Roster with the same name as your ancestor does not constitute proof (John Jones from Tennessee). You must use accepted standards of genealogical research to demonstrate that the two men are, in fact, the same.

The SCV has a network of genealogists to assist you in tracing you ancestor's Confederate service.

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